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Get Your Coat at the Soia and Kyo Sample Sale

The Soia and Kyo Sample Sale is the perfect place for coats, especially with this fall weather coming in (loving it so far!). The staff is so sweet and great and the merch is definitely good quality. They also have a good selection of activewear (only $20). The fall jackets and coats are between $130-$325 which is really great. My favorite is a pink long coat for $144. Hats are also a great deal, from $55 to $20.

There wasn’t much merch at this sale and really only focused on jackets and activewear. There wasn’t much else but its a good sale for those specific things. Overall, 5.5/10, check it out if you need a fall coat or if you just love the brand.

What: Soia and Kyo Sample Sale
Where:231 West 39th Street, Suite 1020, Manhattan, NY
 When: Oct 16,2019- Oct 18,2019