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Steve Madden Sample Sale Voted the Worst Sample Sale

The Steve Madden Sample Sale has hands down been the worst sample sale I have ever been to. First of all, it’s in Queens so it is definitely a shlep from the city. But that isn’t the worst part! The sale is held in this massive warehouse and it is literally crowded to capacity with lines out the door, and for what? the shoes are a mess, you are lucky to find a matching pair in your size in the piles that surround the racks of mismatched shoes. Also, most of the shoes are a size 6, which doesn’t do most of us good (unless you are the lucky size 6). They may be cheap ($10-$20), are you really gonna try to get through this mess?

The bags they had were great, if you could find anything in the million boxes they had. If you found something you liked, you had to grab it right then and there because if you didn’t, it would disappear into the massive blackhole that is the Steve Madden sample sale. Seriously, it would disappear into the massive amounts of stuff that was everywhere. The last time I was there, I waited an HOUR on line to purchase a $15 Betsy Johnson bag and this time was no different.

I rated this a 0/10, don’t go, not worth it.


Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop Uncategorized

Steve Madden Sample Sale- Messy, Unorganized and Overall Chaos

By: Riva Neumann 

The Steve Madden Sample Sale was a total shitshow of a sale. The sale took place in Queens and was by far the most chaotic sample sale I have every been to. Though the discounts were good (only $10 for shoes and $20 for boots) the absolute madness made it not even worth the time. Shoes were all over the floors in piles and were damaged and missing its pair. To find a decent pair required more digging and pushing than it was even worth. Also, most of the shoes were sample sizes with only a few other sizes but it was almost impossible to figure out what size everything was. The space was huge but the sale was super crowded and I waited on line to purchase for over an hour.

The accessories were pretty good in that they had some cute bags for between $10-$20. They had a lot of Betsy Johnson being sold for only $10-$20. The bags were all in boxes thrown haphazardly around the space and in the piles with the shoes.

Overall, I gave this sale a 3/10. Good discounts but not worth the trip to Queens for utter chaos and disorganization.

What: Steve Madden Sample Sale
Where: 38-18 Woodside Ave, Sunnyside, NY
When: June 20,2019