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The Row Sample Sale, More Like the Woah Sample Sale

By: Riva Neumann 

The Row Sample Sale is a great place to get merch from this awesome brand , but damn is it expensive. Though discounts were between 50% and 70% off (50% exotics, 60% bags and 70% ready to wear , you need a pretty penny to get anything good. I mean, a white top for $420 retail is a lot but after the discounts its $126 which is still A LOT, especially at a sample sale. There was a gorgeous suede jacket for $1047 after the discount which is cool and all but way too expensive for me.

There was so much at the sale and it wasn’t too crowded which I like at the sales I go to. The amount of racks of clothes were honestly so great and they had a lot of sizes available. They had a decent amount of shoes  but not a lot of sizes which was a bummer. The bags were good in the amount they had but they were still so expensive after the 60% off.

Overall, I gave this sale a 7.5/10, go at the risk of your wallet!

What: The Row Sample Sale
Where:123 West 18th Street, 5th Floor, Manhattan, NY
When: Oct 17,2019- Oct 20,2019 

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review The Row

Designer Goods at Designer Prices at The Row

The Row Sample Sale

By Melanie Capruso

Sample Sales are always a great place to get designer items at a major discount, which can help those who can’t always afford to shop designer. These discounts were not to be found at The Row sample sale. Even with an apparent discount of 70% off all Ready to Wear, handbags, and footwear, I could not find anything under $500. The Row is the clothing line of famed twins, Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen. The pair are known for their high fashion taste and their collection does not disappoint in that facet. The sale was organized by size and item. Racks with sizes XS, S, M, and L lined the lines with tables of sweaters, bags, and shoes in the middle and front. The pieces were understated and in muted colors, ranging from blacks, grays, blues, whites, and creams.

We rated this sale a 5 out of 10. While there was a wide selection, the pieces were still extremely expensive and nothing stood out as exceptional. It was also interesting to note that the sale was empty, which hopefully goes as a sign that the prices were not good enough to attempt major crowds. The sale also did not allow photos, which might have made it difficult to shop for someone else.

What: The Row Sample Sale
When: Thu. Oct. 25 – Sun. Oct 28
Where: 123 West 18th St, 4th Fl, NY, New York



The Row Sample Sale Review

The Row is a ready-to-wear fashion line created by the Olsen twins. Their showroom, taking place at the Met Pavilion at 123 W 18th St on the fifth floor, features pieces that can retail for over $1,000.

There’s a huge variety of items to look at; between clothes, outerwear, and shoes, there’s something for every occasion. Sizes vary from 0 to 12 and XS to L, and prices range from $200 to $1,000 for more extravagant pieces. Shoes are in European sizes, so remember to check a conversion chart to find your size.

Some personal favorites of mine were their blazers, silk tops, and trousers. The showroom is enormous, so it’s hard to narrow it down; be sure to check it out for yourself!

This sale is credit card only, and bags are checked, so come prepared!

What: The Row Sample Sale

Where: 123 W 18th St 5th Floor

When: Sunday, October 29th 10 am – 6pm; Monday, October 30th 9 am – 7 pm; Tuesday, October 31st 9 am – 3pm