Fashion Sample Sale

ShopDrop is Now a Community – App Update

Next Version of the ShopDrop App

An in-depth explanation of the next version of the sample sale app: easy comments, profile pics, access to blog from the app & deep linking.

Hello Dear ShopDrop Users,

Estee here. I’d like to introduce you to our Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Bill. He is a tech genius and thanks to him we just released the new version of the ShopDrop app. My goal this morning is to tell you about the new features, explain how they are used and then to move on with life. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the app, please email me at – we will fix your problem ASAP. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Until then, enjoy!

  1. Troubleshooting: If you updated your app and it keeps on crashing, try deleting it and downloading it again. That should reload all the data on the app in a visible manner.
  2. We added the SEARCH feature. That’s right, now you don’t have to scroll through the app endlessly to find your favorite sales: you can search for a specific one you like.
  3. Single file. Each sale has a tag now telling you when the sample sale will take place. Instead of separating by week, everything is organized in a single scroll.
  4. We are now a community: what that means is that you could see who else is going to the sale by seeing their icons pop up. So please upload your pics!
  5. Commenting is now easy – you can comment right by your icon – and tell everyone about the merchandise you are finding at the sale.
  6. Check in – now once you’re at a sale, you can actually check in – that way you become our trusted ambassador to report on the state of the merchandise at the sale
  7. Read our blog – now you’ll be able to read our blog straight from the site. It’s interesting, fun and easy.
  8. Deep linking: now we can link to the brand page in the app – so that you can look at full prices and styles before making a decision about the sample sale.
  9. Finally, in the profile section, you can now see which sales you RSVP’d to, so that you don’t have to scroll through all the sales from scratch to find the ones you love.

We are still far from done and are working on more features day by day, so if you have any ideas, definitely let me know!