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Veronica Beard’s Big Debut at 260 Sample Sale

veronica beard sample sale april 2019

By: Angelica – @TheArtOfTheDealHunter

260 Sample Sales is hosting the Veronica Beard sample sale for the first time right now at its 5th Ave location.  This had many people on edge because as history shows, when 260 works with a brand, prices typically rise. Until today, Veronica Beard used to host its own sample sale in its showroom spaces with affordable prices on samples and stock. Once we saw prices for this sale, I noticed they went up from last sale, but they are still reasonable and fair! I spent nearly two hours in the sale this morning and it was so worth it. My knee jerk reaction is that it was well stocked with a big variety of merchandise.  As someone who LOVES blazers, and the Veronica Beard brand (I have even paid retail for it *shhh) this sale was well worth the wait and the madness. I rate it a 7 out of 10! Let me break this down below.

I knew I wanted to be early to this because the samples are usually pretty good.  I got there at 7:45 and was the 8th person in line, call me crazy, but it was the smartest move.  When the sale opened at 9 am, I went straight back to the samples and had first pick at everything. Everyone else was swarmed around the stock blazers. The samples included pants, skirts, dresses, tops, blouses, sweaters, and blazers. I grabbed this yellow check blazer that is on their website now on sale for $452 and retails for $645. I paid $115. Great deal. The sample shoes didn’t wow me and I didn’t see any sample dickies. That shocked me! I asked the staff and they said they had no more and they only had stock dickies. At that point I was willing to forgo because I picked up a couple good ones at the last sale.

On to the stock, I went to the blazers. I love, love their blazers. I wear a lot of color and was dying to find a red one. I went down the blazer rack and grabbed six or seven blazers I liked and figured I would edit later. They had plenty of leather blazers this morning, but they were going fast.  I ended up with a beautiful, black leather blazer with gold buttons. When I got home I realized they charged me only $175 when the price list had leather at $250. SCORE! The retail tag on the blazer says $1,295. Double SCORE! I didn’t end up getting a red one, but the black leather was a great find. I also ended up with a leopard blazer. Thanks to the most helpful saleswoman, who went to the basement and got me my size and carried it up to me. That was so unexpected and really nice. They had some really cute shoes all priced at $100. That was sort of odd, because leather boots were the same price as a flat sandal with one leather strap.

At this point, about an hour in, the sale was starting to get really crowded and the dressing room line was about ten minutes long. Simultaneously, the line to check out was growing and the amount of people shoulder to shoulder lead to some short tempers. Stock was also all unorganized by now. I was standing in line, but so close to a rack, people had to jump between people to look at clothes on the rack.  Organization could have been better as well as the fitting room situation.

They didn’t restock any samples when I was there, but they were continually bringing armfuls of stock blazers to put on the racks. Blazers were aplenty and, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck.  They retail $500 and up, some as much as $845, so for $175 or $115, that’s still a deal for me.  The quality of clothes is stellar and the prices match the quality. I liked this sale because the shoppers knew what they wanted and were there for business. There was no one fluttering around casually. You could tell the shoppers knew the stock and were there to buy.  That makes a big difference! The help was really great at this sale too. I totally recommend stopping by if you’re a Veronica Beard fan. I am also really curious about markdowns and if they’ll come in the next couple days. If so, I might go back! The only downside to 260 hosting this sale is now more people will learn about it.

What: Veronica Beard sample sale
Where: 260 5th Ave, NY, NY
When: Apr 30 – May 5, 2019

Fashion Review Sample Sale Sample Sale Review ShopDrop

Veronica Beard Sample Sale Review

veronica beard sample sale

Veronica Beard is one of our favorite sample sales – hosted in her showroom with a 90%+ discount, it is one you definitely do not want to miss. The sample racks (prices starting at $30) were picked over by 1PM but there were still a few finds if you had the patience for it.

The collection rack was also great, a nice selection in a variety of sizes (2-10) starting at $50. We found gorgeous dresses that retailed for $395 and sold for $80 at the sale. If you’re in the area, definitely check it out.

What: Veronica Beard sample sale
Where: 26 West 17th St, NY, NY
When:Tue, May 15 – Thu, May 17