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Vince Camuto – a mad house with no fitting rooms

By: Gabriella Rose

Set up: This sample sale was very crowded and everything was everywhere. None of the racks were organized based on the item- this is the kind of the sale that you just have to look at every single rack. There were tons of customers all over the room, and since there were no fitting rooms, people were just trying on their clothing in public. I would suggest going to this sale- there were tons of gorgeous pieces for low prices.

Merchandise/pricing: Customers were walking out with huge bags filled with clothing because the prices were THAT low. Tops and bottoms were $15, and everything else was $25. There were tons of clothing, but mostly one of each item. I saw that this sale was a majority dresses and blouses. There were only 1-2 racks of pants. There were a lot of cozy and pretty sweaters, some had cool prints on it as well. This sale is worthwhile to go to- you will most likely walk out with tons bought.

Rate: 6/10 Great prices, tons of items- no mirrors or fitting rooms

What: Vince Camuto sample sale

When: Tues March 3- Thurs March 5, 2020

Where: 261 W 36th St, NY NY