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What Happened To Instagram Story Highlights? Where Did They Go?

If you’re a startup that heavily relies on Instagram for marketing and community engagement, you are probably as enflamed as us about the sudden disappearance of Instagram highlights. We at ShopDrop¬†hashtag @SHOPDROPAPP rely on Instagram stories & highlights to communicate to our 50K+ followers about the goodies and prices at different sample sales all over NYC.

Twitter is blowing up with questions of where thew IG highlights have gone and whether this is permanent.

We have been creating the stories for over 4 months now and you can imagine how shocked and frustrated we were when we realized (without any warning) that highlights were gone! Is that a glitch or an intentional hiccup on Instagram’s part? We vote with intentional hiccup and explain why below.

The missing IG highlights can be attributed to the launch of IGTV – Instagram just launched IGTV – and adoption has been slower than desired. For the most part, viewership of stories is less than 10% off followers, and it’s hard to convert story viewers into IGTV viewers. We think Instagram could have intentionally turned the highlight button off to push people into IGTV – if we’re correct, we’ll see more influencers work with IGTV and growth in the user numbers