This Sale Featuring “Off-White” Was Quite “Off-Putting”

Overheard at the 260 multi-brand sample sale “I’m not really feeling anything, can we please go somewhere else?” and “This is so disorganized I have a headache”. Although the promise of brands such as Off-White, Alexander Wang, and Re/Done at a discount of 60% was pretty alluring, the sale did not deliver on these claims. Overall this 260 sale was disappointing, disorganized, and was more expensive than it should have been. On the first day of the sale I could not find a single item from any of the brands mentioned above, excluding one item from the Adidas and Alexander Wang collaboration. In reality the sale featured mostly Adidas, by Parra and Carhart. Some of the items available were cute and worth buying, but it was frustrating that the brands that were used to draw customers in weren’t actually there.

There was about a 10 minute wait to get into the sale. Customers were allowed to buy only 3 units per style and no more than 25 items in total. All items were 60% off retail price. Because the price range of the brands and items was so broad some of the items were steals and others were crazy overpriced. The ambiance at the sale was a little off putting. Some people were frantically rushing around while others were standing around complaining. However, I will give some credit to the employees at the sale for being friendly amidst the chaos. 

There were men’s and women’s clothing in equal (but kind of disappointing) amounts. There was a broad range of styles, items, and sizes. The men’s items were “organized” by size (there was a small section, a medium section, etc.), however,  because of this there were short sleeve shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, and jerseys all mixed together on the same racks. Also available for men were shorts, bathing suits, and jackets.

The women’s section was more varied than the men’s and included jeans, shorts, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, tank tops, leggings, and bathing suits. The women’s section was small and difficult to navigate. There really seemed to be no rhyme or reason to how everything was displayed (at one point I found an extra small tank top and a large jacket right next to each other). But, if you are persistent like me you could end up with some quality pieces at good prices. 

There also was a good selection of unisex sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Other items and accessories available were hypebeast magazines from publishers such as Highsnobiety and Exit at prices around $10-$20, football gloves (not joking), around 6 hair clips (again, not joking), some perfumes and candles. There was a good hat section that included beanies, baseball caps, and those adorable floppy straw hats that every Instagram influencer loves to wear to the beach.

Overall I would give this sale a 4/10. The random and mostly lackluster accessories section served as a microcosm of the sale as a whole. The organization (or lack thereof) made trying to shop feel like a chore. There were some great pieces but I had to look hard for them. Frankly, this sale isn’t really worth going to unless you want a challenge. 


P.S: Lol. I just realized that the jacket I got has a stain. Proceed with caution.


What: Multi-brand sample sale at 60% off                                                                                                                     When: November 26- December 1, 2019                                                                                                                   Where: 260 Sample Sale at 151 Wooster St.

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